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Our Mission

The Staff Senate of The College of New Jersey contributes to the advancement of the College’s mission by serving as the official representative body of all non-faculty staff and by actively participating in campus governance. The Staff Senate does not purport to be a collective bargaining unit and will not negotiate terms and conditions of employment.

  • In fulfilling this role, the Staff Senate shall: Administer a fair process for appointing staff representatives to serve on standing committees and advisory councils within the College’s governance structure other than those appointed by the College President.
  • Consider and recommend action on existing and proposed polices and procedures, as well as any other matters related to the interests of the College, the campus community, and other stakeholders.
  • Provide a forum for examination of common concerns and issues related to quality of life relative to the campus community.
  • Maintain and promote effective channels of communication among staff, faculty, students, the administration, the Board of Trustees, and other stakeholders.
  • Develop and implement other goals and activities as determined by the Staff Senate to be consistent with its overall purpose and the mission of the College.
  • Be sensitive to a balanced representation across job categories when making staff appointments.
  • Uphold and advance the College’s commitment to equal opportunity and appreciation of diversity in all its policies, procedures, decisions, appointments, and other actions.
The Staff Senate Executive Board stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.Read More