TCNJ Weather Alert Update

TCNJ will resume normal operations at noon on Thursday, March 22. Administrative offices and the library will reopen at that time and afternoon classes will be held as scheduled. Classes and events before that time will not be held.

Alert Posted on March 21st, 2018 at 8:25 pm

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Councils, Committees, Commissions and Task Forces - 2016-17

Staff Senate CouncilsNumber of Representatives Committee Members Serving
Communications and Public Relations Council (CPRC)Carol Wells (Chair)
Lynette Harris
Sharon Shivers
Elections and Constitution Council (ECC) Karen Paterson (Chair)
Stephen Tonkiel
Helen Shaw Staff Excellence Award (HSSEA)Monica Jacobe (Chair)
Kevin McCullough
Seth Zolin
Special Events and Community Building Council (SECBC)Devon DiBella (Co-Chair)
Rachel Lichtenberg (Co-Chair)
Lasha Carey
Katy Ells
Ryan Gladysiewicz
Timothy Grant
Diane Gruenberg
Chris Lathey
Staff Development and Recognition Council (SDRC)Joe O'Brien (Chair)
Emily Dodd
Katy Ells
Dionne Hallback
Carol Wells
College Governance Committees
Committee on Academic Programs (CAP)

3Ivonne Cruz
James Day
Committee for Planning and Priorities (CPP)2Monica Jacobe
Matt Middleton
Committee for Student and Campus Community (CSCC)4Jamal Johnson
Nino Scarpati
Colleen Schmidt
Jim Spencer
Steering Committee (SC)3James Day
Martha Stella
Janice Vermeychuk
Committee on Faculty Affairs (CFA)1Tiffany Youngblood
Planning Councils
College Advancement (CAPC)2 (min)Kevin Fay
Lynette Harris
Enrollment Management Planning Council (EMPC)2 (min)Karen Dubrule
Wes Labar
Facilities and Construction Planning Council (FCPC)2 (min)Devon DiBella
Alexis Zahorsky
Finance and Budget Planning Council (FBPC)2 (min)Seth Zolin
Human Resources and Staff Development (HRSDPC)2 (min)Deb Kelly
Joe O'Brien
Sharon Shivers
Information Technology Planning Council (ITPC)2 (min)Ryan Gladysiewcz
Rachel Litchenberg
Program Councils
Advising and Student Support (ADSS)3Erica Kalinowski
Deb Kelly
Suzanne Roth
Athletics Advisory Program Council (AAPC)4Tammy Germana
Tim Grant
Joe O'Brien
Cultural and Intellectual Community (CICC)3Edilma Evans
Dionne Hallback
Susan O'Connor
Faculty-Student Collaboration (FSC)3Joe O'Brien
Tiffani Warren
Kortnay Woods
Graduate Programs (GPC)3Alan Amtzis
Nita Ball
Dionne Hallback
Global Engagement (GEPC)2Mary Lynn hopps
Paul Rainey
Healthy Campus (HCPC)4Katy Ells
Renee Haider
Chris Lathey
Carol Wells
Honors and Scholars Program Council (HSPC)1Stephen Tonkiel
Liberal Learning Program Council (LLPC)1Rita King
Teaching and Learning Center Program Council (TLCPC)4Bryana Bonfanti
Laurel Leonard
Ann Marie Maratea
Amy Moyer
Ad Hoc Committees, Commissions, Task Forces
Board of Trustees Staff Representative Report2Timothy Grant
Joe O'Brien
BSC Public Art1Alan Amtzis
Campus Property Use Committee1Seth Zolin
Campus Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) 2Timothy Grant
Joe O'Brien
Citation Appeals Board2Karen Paterson
Alexis Zahorsky
Community Engaged Sign Experience2Kourtney Woods
Seth Zolin
Dining Services Ad Hoc Committee1Renee Haider
Diversity and Inclusion Committee2Lynette Harris
Jamal Johnson
Faculty & Staff Giving1Karen Patterson
Presidents Climate Commitment Committee2Rita King
Joe O'Brien
STEM Building Committee2Karen Patterson
STEM Public Art1Alan Amtzis
Transitions3Erica Kalinowski
Curricular Councils
Self-Designed Major (SDM)
Teacher Education (TE)